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Development process

Driving the idea to a fully functional product

Pre-project planning

1.Developing a concept

During the first meeting we define goals and priorities, divide the project into stages and define the most important functionality to quickly test the hypotheses of your business model.

For each stage of the product development we will come up with a preliminary commercial proposal.


Once the concept is ready, we create a clickable prototype of your app/website. We reproduce the structure of the app and think over the main scenarios of user behavior.

Prototyping allows us to take into account as many details as possible, thereby saving hours at further stages.

3.Writing tech specs

Properly composed technical specifications rule out misunderstanding or misinterpretation of tasks by the development team.

Based on prototypes, we describe all the functionality (public pages, personal accounts, admin panel), as well as functionality based on third-party integrations (Maps API, payment systems, etc.)

4.Getting ready to start

Once tech specs are ready, we get feedback and make adjustments to the documentation and prototypes, and then give the final estimates of the stages in terms of time and cost.

Then we build a dedicated team from our employees responsible for product development, draw up and sign the necessary documents (contracts and annexes with estimates).

Building an MVP

1.UI-design and front-end

The main goal of MVP (minimum viable product) is to test business hypotheses, so we come up with a simple and user-friendly interface.

On the basis of this design, we develop front-end at such a level that at further stages it would be possible to refine the bits / modules without having to redo them.

2.Building back-end

Based on the tech specs, Qlab developers will come up with the most efficient database structure,  implement the basic functionality for users and administrators, and deploy the project on a test server.

At this stage, your MVP will be ready to be tested by the Quality Assurance team.

3.Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance department performs tests on each deployment from both front-end and back-end developers.

The routine is to test the new app/website for cross-browser compatibility and responsiveness, check for compliance of the functionality with the description in the technical documentation.

4.Focus groups testing

Once the internal tests are passed, the MVP is published for open beta testing among focus groups.

Based on the feedback, a backlog of revisions and additional prioritized features is drawn up, which can adjust the strategic direction of the initial business model.

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